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34 Years of Experience

Balis Properties SA is a rapidly growing firm occupied with management, development and exploitation of a real estate portfolio comprised of owned properties. The company oversees a sizeable portfolio of both commercial and housing properties that it manages with the goals of renting, selling or exploiting them via various entrepreneurial schemes.

We are positioned to immediately cover any and all real estate needs you might have, be it commercial or residential. Furthermore, we are keen to participate in investment schemes entailing real estate by assisting you in manifesting your idea or by suggesting investment solutions in projects that use our properties as a springboard. In addition, we are open to collaborating with professional investors so as to further expand our company’s activity.

Our goal is to exploit our properties in the context of market demands. At the present stage, Balis Properties aims to achieve results that are significantly above market regular when it comes to management of its real estate portfolio. To achieve this, the company is poised to rent out or sell its properties, as well as engage in innovative action including participating in investment schemes with real estate needs, after the relevant research has indicated optimal usage of particular properties. Balis Properties aims to cooperate with industry leaders and combine its know-how regarding real estate with industry knowledge to achieve maximal returns. Over the long-term, and once relevant experience has been acquired, a new management company will be set up with the goal of offering property management and exploitation services to high net worth individuals or organisations.

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We own properties in various locations, whether for sale, or to be leased

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Since we have ownership of our properties, by dealing with us you are avoiding commissions, fees etc.

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